About Us

At eleven, we believe that the old ways of doing business no longer serve people, our communities or our environment. To flourish, today’s businesses need to be designed entirely around delivering meaningful value. They need a stated purpose that solves the right problems in a way that enhances society and the environment. We call the expression of that purpose an idea worth sharing.

We believe the days are numbered for businesses that rely on short-term transactional customer interactions. The ultimate measure of business health is advocacy – a connection with customers that’s based on shared values and intrinsic, emotionally resonant benefits. A lasting connection to an idea worth sharing.

Our Team

David Robertson


Catherine Robertson


Misa Kinjo

Client Manager

Callum Robertson

Creative Lead

Zeni Gibson

Uncovery Analyst

Finn Robertson

Insights Lead

Mia Houston 

Human-Centred Designer

Vikesh Patel

Junior Graphic Designer