Secret lives of customers uncovered

Weta case study booklet

Weta Collectibles goes in search of treasure.

Making amazing and beautiful collectibles is what Weta Collectibles do brilliantly. The collectibles marketplace was growing rapidly. How could Weta participate in that growth?

Eleven discovered Weta Collectibles had a growing audience of younger fans. Eleven Insight uncovered what distinct groups of collectible fans truly cared about and what really mattered to them. The common denominator was all fans longed for a deep connection to worlds where the beautifully crafted characters’ stories unfolded.

That’s where the gold was.

Weta Collectibles now had clarity on what motivated different collectible fan groups to collect distinctly different figurine sets. Weta Collectibles could now create the right spark to connect to different customer groups. 

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MitoQ case study booklet

MitoQ redefines itself. And redefines its sales performance.

MitoQ is a breakthrough cellular technology product. It’s made of a molecule that gets inside the human cell to regenerate it. Confusingly, MitoQ comes in a form that makes it look like an ordinary health supplement - a pill.

MitoQ was so new, consumers had no reference for it.

Eleven uncovered what MitoQ’s customers truly care about.

Messaging moved away from health. MitoQ was about being the kind of person you want to be. Enjoying the things you once used to do. Fighting against the constraints of an illness or even age itself. With your cells regenerated amazing things could happen.

MitoQ created a community where people could share their remarkable stories.

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