How we work

Our focus: to show how human emotions drive behaviour, and how that behaviour can have significant positive impact on business and society.

Our method: our 3 steps combine rich insights, creativity and strategy to identify our clients’ meaningful value and show how it can be delivered right across their business.

Eleven - how we work diagram

Step 1. Know yourself

Unless you truly know yourself – your purpose, your values and behaviours, and the impact you have in the world, it’s impossible to connect with the people who matter to you.

Step 2. Know your customers

Unless you truly know your customers, it’s impossible to create lasting connections. Who are the people who matter to you? What do you know about their unmet needs, challenges, problems and priorities, what they really care about? What would it take for them to become your advocates?

We use Hardwired™, our unique psychology-based qualitative interviewing methodology to uncover customers’ emotional drivers. With HardwiredMacro™ we create robust understanding of customers at scale.

Step 3. Uncover your meaningful value

When you truly know yourself and your customers, you can create the right strategy to build lasting advocacy-based connections.